Our garlic is 100% grown on our farm on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia



Garlic Growing Course


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This course is on Saturday the 6th of March from 2pm.


In this course you will learn the following;


*Natural, Nutrition gardening techniques

*How to prepare your soil for garlic

*How to use a pH tester

*Different cultivars of garlic

*When to plant garlic

*How to prepare garlic for planting

*Boosting your garlic’s nutrition organically during the growing season

*Diseases, viruses and prevention

*When to harvest

*How to harvest and dry

*Storage and plaiting


This course also allows you to have access to us for help with your garlic. You can send photos and get help and reassurance throughout the growing season giving you confidence in the decisions you make!


On the day we will also be selling seed garlic from different cultivars, beneficial fungi products & other organically certified products that will help prevent diseases and give your garlic the best nutrition. All these products are ones we use in our crop.


Please note this course is only open to home gardeners, not commercial gardeners at this stage.











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