Blueberry season has now finished for 2023.

Blueberry season goes from October to mid December. During this time we open the farm up so you can come and pick your own delicious, certified organic blueberries!

Our blueberry picking sessions are all ticketed events. We do this so we can limit the amount of people in the orchard, so you can have the best experience picking!

We post tickets for our events on our social media and website. We post tickets only a few days before the event as the wind, rain and heat can have major impacts on the berries and weather patterns can be very unpredictable.

We always try our best to predict how many berries are available to pick and list ticket quantities keeping this in mind. However, we cannot predict how many punnets people will actually pick on the day. If the berries are getting low, we always do our best to contact ticket holders to make them aware.

If you’d like to be notified of our events, please sign up to our mailing list here or join our Facebook events group(We only post events in this group). Make sure you click ‘get notifications first’ so you don’t miss out on events.


  1. Are the blueberries organic? Yes!! We are so proud to be a certified organic farm with the ACO. Our organic certification number is 13355. 
  2. Can we come to the farm anytime to pick blueberries? We are open by appointment or event only. You can find all our events on our website. We generally do not open through the week as we homeschool our kids and so weekdays are packed with activities. 
  3. There aren’t any blueberry picking sessions on your website?  We generally release tickets for weekend picking on Wednesday evenings. We do this so we know how many berries are roughly going to be ripe for picking and don’t release too many tickets.  
  4. Do we need tickets for blueberry picking?  Yes, we ticket our picking so we can limit the amount of people in the orchard. This way you can have the best experience picking!
  5. Does everyone need a ticket?  Everyone 2 years and older needs a ticket. This is so we know how many people will be in the orchard. 
  6. Do we have to pay to come blueberry picking? There is no entry fee to come onto the farm to pick. You just pay for what you pick.
  7. Can I be messaged when the tickets are released? As I’m sure you can understand, we get a lot of messages about picking. Unfortunately we cannot individually message everyone when we release tickets. We suggest joining our Events Facebook group and click ‘get notifications first’ so you are alerted when we do release tickets. We only post events in this group.You can find it here
  8. What payments do you take on the farm? We take cash and EFTPOS.
  9. Can we bring our dogs to the farm? No, we do not allow dogs that aren’t ours on the farm. There are a few reasons for this. Strange dogs upset our animals and we try to keep their environment as peaceful as possible. We have wild dogs in this area and so we need our animals to be very wary of dogs they don’t know for their safety. As a certified organic farm, we have to quarantine any animals that come onto the farm. 
  10. How long does picking take? It depends on how many punnets you are picking. People tend to pick for around 15-30mins. We generally have some farm games set up which you are welcome to play afterwards. Most people spend about an hour total on the farm.