Welcome to our farm site! Thank you for coming and having a look. We are a small, family farm on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. On the farm we grow fruit, veggies and flowers. We also have sheep, milking goats, chickens, ducks & geese on the farm. If you want to know why we farm like we do, you can find that here Why.

An important part of what we do on the farm is take in native animals and livestock that need for be cared for. These might be orphans, sick, or just in need of a little TLC before being released. Missy is a rescuer and carer for Wildlife ARC. You can see more about this part of our farm here.


We have been growing veggies since we were newlyweds. 18yrs and 3 boys later, our need for nutrient dense, organic produce has increased out of sight! The people you will meet on our farm are ourselves, Missy and Anthony and our 3 boys, Dex, Pax and Bubba! 


We hope to see you on the farm soon

Love Missy & Anthony



Address: Jilliby on the Central Coast, NSW Australia

Phone: 0425 834 459 – please note we get terrible mobile reception on the farm. The best way to contact us is via our social media, text or email.

Email: hello@thegivingfarm.com.au

We hope you enjoy our page and we look forward to showing you what we are doing on our farm.