Become a Bee Detective on the Farm!

Calling all curious minds and nature lovers!

Get ready to buzz into the fascinating world of native bees and pollinators on our certified organic farm?

Here’s what awaits you on this bee-tastic adventure:

  • Uncover the secrets of our amazing native bees and learn how they differ from other pollinators.
  • Discover the importance of bees. Uncover their crucial role in our ecosystem and how we can all be bee heroes by helping them thrive!
  • Build your own bee hotel! (all materials provided) This bee-utiful creation will provide a cozy home for these vital pollinators in your own backyard.
  • Plant the seeds of change! Plant some pollinator-friendly seeds in a pot to take home and watch them grow!
  • Embark on a bee-finding mission! See if you can spot some native bees and pollinators in their natural habitat around the farm.
  • Get up close and personal! Observe real native bee hives nestled in our blueberry orchard.

These insightful sessions are led by the wonderful Heidi from Rumbalara Bees!  Her knowledge and passion for these fascinating creatures are truly contagious, so don’t miss out!

Important Information:

  • Everyone is welcome from kindy kids to 101! 
  • Kiddos over 10 can buzz right into the bee fun without a grown-up by their side! Please note that while your little adventurer explores the bee world, one adult superhero needs to stay on the farm to keep an eye on things. ‍(But hey, feel free to bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the farm while they learn!)
  • Dress for exploration! We’ll be walking around the farm, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Be aware of all pollinators. While this session focuses on native bees, you might encounter European bees or other stinging insects. If you have allergies, please bring appropriate medication. 

Limited spots available! This 1.5-hour session is sure to be booked up fast, so don’t bee late! 

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Ready to join the fun and become a champion for our buzzing friends? Click the box below for more details and to book your spot!