Throughout the year we have seasonal flower pick your own events. This is where you can come with your family or on your own and pick some of our certified organic flowers. Please note, the farm is not open to the public every day, so be sure to check our website for opening times and dates.

Please be aware that seasonal growth of flowers can be out of our control as the seasons aren’t as predictable as they have been in years prior to the last couple. We can also have crop losses due to natural disasters or animals, so please always check what is available before coming to the farm.

Here is a rough schedule of what grows when:

Spring: Dutch Iris, Tulips, Daffodils, Ranunculas, Cornflowers, Liliums, Lavender, Everlasting Daisies, Zinnia’s

Summer: Sunflowers, Zinnia’s, Cosmos, Marigolds, Dahlia’s, Gladioli, Everlasting Daisies, Echinacea, Poppy, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Hollyhock, Lavender,

Autumn: Sunflowers, Cosmos, Zinnia’s, Lavender, Baby’s Breath, Billy Buttons, Black Eyed Susan, Calendula, Carnations, Coreopsis, Cornflower, Echinacea, Everlasting Daisies, Foxglove, Godetia, Hollyhock, Poppy’s, Larkspur, Lupin, Marigold

Winter: Daffodils, Jonquils, Lillies, Cornflower, Godetia, Poppy,

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