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  • Children’s Gardening Tool Set


    These are the sweetest, durable set of gardening tools perfect for your soil turning, worm discovering, carrot unearthing, nature playing, budding green thumb. The set includes a fork and trowel and comes with strong, sturdy wooden handles and uses quality stainless steel metal.  These will not break with the first turn of the soil. They even…

  • Bamboo Magnifying Glass


    For all the insect spotting, bug discovering, garden adventurers. These sustainable bamboo magnifying glasses are the perfect fit for little hands and curious hearts measuring approximately 20cm long x 8cm wide. 4 x magnifying glass for inquisitive minds to get up close and personal, with leather strap for safe keeping. Recommended for children 3+

  • Bamboo Plant Labels


    Made from 100% natural bamboo these plant labels are an environmentally friendly alternative. They are easy to write on and are big enough to included a little message e.g ‘parsley grown with love’ Each bundle comes with 9 bamboo labels measuring 10cm x 2cm. Happy Planting!

  • Affirmation Cards


    Affirmations are such a lovely, positive and empowering activity that can be incorporated into the daily lives of our children. They can be added to your childs’ daily routine or even shared as part of a ritual that you may like to journey together, remember always go with what feels right for you and your…

  • Childrens Gardening Apron


    We know and understand how gardening can easily turn into head to toe messy play, it is almost essential in our eyes.  Hands and feet in the earth, immersing all the senses, it is just so special. Seeds for Tomorrow’s gorgeous kids unisex garden apron has been thoughtfully created and designed with durability, comfort and…

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  • Mindful Seed Growing Kits – ‘Bee The Change’


    In honour of our friends the honey bees! Bee the change is the perfect way to not only start your bee-friendly garden with your children, it’s also an opportunity to start a conversation about bees and the important part they play. These powerful conversations can often spark a motivation for change that unknowingly inspires others…

  • Mindful Seed Growing Kits – ‘Grow With Gratitude’


    ‘Grow with Gratitude’ kit is a mindful growing kit to empower and inspire our children. It is about combining our connection to nature and our connection with self.  Each Grow with Gratitude Kit includes; Basil seeds Chive seeds Parsley seeds 3 biodegradable pots 3 sustainable coco pellets 3 bamboo plant markers 3 affirmation cards Gratitude…