You Be The Farmer Experience


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Come along for an extra special farm experience these school holidays and be a farmer for a morning!


This is a very hands on farm experience, so please be prepared for walking around the farm and possibly getting a little messy! This experience will leave you with an insight into not only daily farm life but also how we look after the soil and ecosystem surrounding us.


On this experience you will;

  • Prepare feed and minerals for the sheep and goats. Learn about why we feed different things to our animals.
  • Cuddle, feed and pat our dairy goats and kids. Learn about dairy goats..
  • Feed and pat our babydoll sheep and lambs and learn about how we use them as part of natural farming.
  • Cuddle and even bottle feed a lamb. We have 3 bottle-fed lambs at the moment!
  • Learn about how we shear our sheep and the difference in the wool between our dorpers and babydoll sheep and even feel the sheared fleece.
  • Feed and cuddle chickens, even Buddy, our Buff Orpington rooster if you’d like!
  • Learn about chickens, the differences in the chicken breeds we have and how we care for them.
  • Check for eggs.
  • Cuddle some chicks and learn about chick care including how we keep them warm. Help with feeding and watering the chicks.
  • Help with feeding and watering the ducks.
  • Learn about how we farm, including why we rotate pastures.
  • Help move sheep netting onto fresh pasture and spread grass seed.
  • Learn about our geese and their use on the farm. Help with feeding and watering the geese.
  • Learn about our guinea pigs and how we use them on the farm. Help with watering the guinea pigs and preparing their night home.
  • Prepare feed and minerals for the cows. Learn about why we feed the different things to our cows.
  • Feed Blossom our guernsey cow, her baby from 2022 and our 2 rescue 2022 calves.
  • Learn about Guernsey cow milk.
  • Enjoy some farm games.

What to bring

You will be outdoors, so please come prepared for any weather, including waterproof clothing, a hat, sunscreen, drink bottle and comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. The Giving Farm is a working Farm, you will be around animals so you MUST wear closed toed shoes. The farm can be muddy, so appropriate shoes are important.

Behavioural Expectations

The Be A Farmer experience is a busy session full of interactions with animals and farm equipment. Please have a chat with your child before the session so they are aware that this is a working farm and it is very important to listen to instructions and show respect to the animals and others.


This event will go ahead in all weather except storms or extreme heat. You will be refunded in the event of extreme weather.

Shoe Wash, Biosecurity and Safety Information

All visitors to the farm are required to step through a disinfectant shoe bath. This is required as part of our organic certification and at the moment with the threat of Foot and Mouth disease on Australia’s door step, it is extra important. To understand the seriousness of FMD, if it is detected in any animal they will be euthanized. Under the recommendation of our vets and the DPI,  if you have been to Indonesian countries, including Bali, we, unfortunately cannot have you on the farm for 14 days.  Thank you for your understanding in this very serious matter. If you have any questions please always reach out to us.

This is a working farm. The ground is likely uneven, damp and undoubtedly earthy. There are plants that are pollinating, insects which might sting and animals that might nip. Please watch your step, stay on the path, keep your eye on your children and be aware of the natural world. By entering the farm you understand the risks and take full responsibility for yourself and/or your children. You understand that you are entering at your own risk and assume all liabilities.


There are limited tickets available for each session, as we like to keep the sessions small. Everyone 2yrs & over requires their own ticket. Adults at children’s prices. If your child is over 10yrs old then your child can attend this session on their own. An adult however is still required to stay on the farm while the session is happening. Feel free to bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the farm. Please contact us for more details on this.

Please note this session starts at 10am and goes for approximately two hours. Please make sure you arrive on time as we take everyone through the farm together and we’d hate for you to miss out on some of it. Feel free to bring a snack to have while you are enjoying the farm games.

Please read the FAQ below as it has important details, including the farm address. See you on the farm soon!


  1. What are the session times and length? Please arrive on time for your session. This session starts at 10am and goes for approximately 2 hours.
  2. Does everyone need a ticket? Yes, everyone over the age of 2years needs a ticket. Adults are at children’s prices. If your child is over 10yrs old then your child can attend alone. An adult however is required to stay on the farm with the child at all times.
  3. What shoes should we wear? Please wear closed in shoes. The farm can be wet at times and so appropriate shoes for these conditions are important.
  4. Are you a certified organic farm? Yes we are! We are certified through the ACO. Our certification number is #13355
  5. Can we pick flowers or produce after the experience? If seasonal veggies and flowers are ready, then yes! Please be aware that seasonal growth of flowers and veggies can be out of our control as the seasons aren’t as predictable as they have been in years prior to the last couple. Please contact us BEFORE the event to find out what is currently available and prices to avoid any disappointment.
  6. Do you have EFTPOS?  Yes! Contactless EFTPOS is available on the farm.
  7. What is the farms address? 147 Durren Road, Jilliby. Parking will be signposted outside the farm. The entrance has our farm sign next to it.
  8. What happens if the weather is bad? This event runs in most weather except for storms or extreme heat. You will be contacted if the event needs to be cancelled due to the weather.


Event Details

Venue: The Giving Farm

Coordinates: -33.21514620, 151.38626190

Directions: 147 Durren Rd, Jilliby NSW 2259, Australia